How to enlarge the penis, ways

How to enlarge the penis at home

No matter the age, a man wants to be a tireless lover for his partner. Men who act insanely do not go to surprise their lover! One of those things is penis enlargement. What are the methods of magnification and how are they effective?

Years later, the relationship between the couple is dull, and the passion is no longer dizzy. Not all women directly speak embarrassing flaws in bed, and men aren't always ready to listen to bitter truths.

Sadly, lies in a relationship are always a quick way to break up. To avoid embarrassing moments, you need to know exactly what you want to improve on in the intimate area.

There are many ways to enlarge the penis: vacuum pumps, weight gainers, gels, special lubricants, medications or surgery.

The most effective method for removing defects is surgery.

In clinics, the penis is enlarged by thickening or elongating the inner shaft: to elongate, the supporting ligaments inside are removed and to thicken, fat is injected under the penis. object, insert a collagen matrix or use gel inserts.

The service price is quite large and the restoration takes a lot of time and effort.

Is it worth putting yourself at unnecessary risks when making less drastic and cheaper options? Let's look at some of them.


The easiest way. Before starting the exercises, it is necessary to record the original dimensions of the genitals to monitor the results. Before class, be sure to take a warm bath or wrap the penis in a warm towel for 5 minutes. Due to the warming, the blood circulation inside the organ improves, and this is very important.

You can begin the exercise by gently stretching the penis with the fingers just below the head. Try to keep yourself from moving suddenly and carefully. The main thing is not to overdo and not to give massages to a complete erection, otherwise, instead the result is only painful.

You can change the massage technique to a gentle circular motion around the penis body or grab the penis root, stretch, maintain the pressure. Remember to use lubricants and pauses to reduce irritation. With the right and continuous stimulation, excellent results can be achieved.

Vacuum pump

The pump acts like a pathogen and immediately increases the blood flow inside the stem. Therefore, the penis increases in size, but for a short time. Therefore, it is best to use the pump just in front of the near points. The gel-lubricated penis is dipped into a plastic pump and held it with your finger, the second hand pumped out from the inside with a pear for 20 minutes. The result: the effect is restored, the man is immediately excited.


This method is quite old, but sometimes has undesirable consequences. Hanging weights can damage the tissues of the penis or scrotum. In addition, only the length increases, but does not increase the thickness of the penis.

Before the procedure starts, the penis is warmed up just like before the massage.

In order not to damage the fragile skin of the head, it is sealed with plaster, on which a wire has a support and a load hook on the other side. The load should be minimal and gradually increased. Watch for sensations - as soon as a numbness or discomfort occurs, stop exercising.

Extend with extension

A more secure way. The enlargement tool is a plastic ring with a silicone ring, supported by special bars at the base of the penis. The required length is fixed by one loop. It is important to wear the right extension gear: make sure the head is free and without any discomfort or pain. Check to see if the foreskin is pinched in the loop. After setting the desired length, you need to wait a week and a half and resize, if necessary. You can use the extender for no more than 8 hours a day, taking breaks every hour, but no less. For 1 year continuous treatment you can increase in size by 3-5 cm. Treatments are ordered individually.

In summary: the various silicone tips, creams and lubricants are also effective immediately, for good sexual stimulation and increased libido at the time of intercourse.