Procedures for penis enlargement: indications, types, contraindications

The intimate sphere is an important part of every man's life. Therefore, male representatives pay great attention to their chances of having sex. Increasing the size of the genitals helps them feel more confident in their sex life.

The tip of the penis is flesh-colored

What is the attachment for?

Tips are designed to diversify your sex life or eliminate problems of potency. There is a large number of adaptation measures that can help you achieve different goals. Men use such devices to make their penis larger, and women get a feeling of vitality during sex.

Attention! The presence of a small genitalia always negatively affects the psychological-emotional state of the man, develops various complexes and can even lead to impotence. Hence, this problem requires a required solution.

The attached files help prevent the complexity and development of genital problems. Thanks to them, the man will have strong erections, long intimate contact and can bring you maximum sexual pleasure.

Production material

Penis enlargement tips are made of different materials, helping the user to make the best choice. The following is used in production:

  • Cyberskin.Close to natural skin, helping to convey similar feelings. When used, the product quickly heats up to body temperature and will retain heat throughout the use. Such material is of high quality, hence it has a long shelf life. Accessories made from cyber leather are very expensive and are rarely used by men.
  • Silicone.Cheap material, quite soft, elastic, hypoallergenic. Products made from it are very easy to use. Silicone exists for many years, but can deform when in contact with grease.
  • Rubber.Has a low cost. It serves less than other materials, but it is easy to take care of, it is pleasant to the touch and smelly. Like silicone, latex should not be used with oil lubricants to avoid degradation.

The material to choose is just a man's choice based on his own preferences. All materials are safe for health, the only difference being quality, longevity and tactile transmission.

The bumpy dick

What are the types of penis extensions?

In the dedicated stores you can find a large number of attachments made from different materials and with different variations.


This product is used to thicken the penis. In addition, the attachment helps stimulate a woman's vagina, allowing for brighter orgasms. The opening device resembles a rooster ring. It is only allowed to wear it when stimulated, but not allowed to wear it before.

Closing head

The genital area is often used to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It helps to make the penis thicker and longer. Such devices have thick walls, resulting in reduced sensitivity. This effect allows you to prolong intercourse several times.

There is vibration and remote control

Vibro-massage attachment is also available. They not only help lengthen the penis, but also stimulate a woman's clitoris during sex. For control, the nozzle comes with a remote control.


The surfaces of these devices are covered with many balls. They can be of varying length and height. For the most aesthetic look, the manufacturers even arrange the convex parts in different styles.


These nozzles are similar to the previous type, but instead of gloss, they have spikes on the surface. Designs can be of different types, varying in spikes size.


The attachment is similar to the previous two devices, but instead of shadows and spikes, the surface has fringes. They help bring a sense of richness to women during intercourse. In addition, the device allows you to stretch and thicken the penis.


Such attachments are distinguished according to their realism, as they have colors as close to natural skin and anatomical features of male dignity as possible. With their help, it is possible to make the penis thicker and longer.

With 3D Relief

Many types of condoms are reusable

Such structures are characterized by a floating surface with a three-dimensional pattern, through which the woman acquires unusual and pleasant feelings. When using the attachment, the penis becomes larger in size.

Reusable condoms

You can find reusable condoms in shops that specialize in intimate items. This is a fairly new product in the sex shop world. Thanks to him not only avoids conception, infection with sexually transmitted diseases but also can lengthen the penis.


These devices are usually made of silicone. They are aimed at stimulating the vaginal walls in women to increase the luminosity of sensations during sex. In addition, they help to make the penis wider and longer.

Most popular models

At the moment, intimate goods are in great demand. The nozzle is no exception. Sex stores sell a large number of different designs, making it easy to get lost when choosing accessories. So you should pay attention to the reviews of men recommending certain product choices.

The following models are the most popular:

  1. Made of elastomer, soft to the touch, colorless. There are small spikes on the head and a prominent pattern on the body. The product helps you to extend the penis by 4 cm, and increase the width by 3 cm. Material does not cause allergy.
  2. The device is made of thermoplastic rubber. It is pleasant to the touch, has a textured surface and a vibration function. The attachment allows you to make your penis 4. 5 cm longer and 3. 5 cm wider.
  3. Produces a product from cyber skin, which helps to convey a good feeling during sex. The attachment helps to lengthen the penis by 5 cm. In appearance, the tool is very similar to the true dignity of a man. There are vibrators at the top to help achieve vivid orgasms.

There are many other good baits out there. The choice is made only according to their own preferences. It is important to choose the correct size.

Attachments have spikes on an erect penis

Usage Features

Taking care of attachments is very simple and requires no special knowledge. After purchasing the product, it is imperative to wash it with soap.

Attention! When washing the device, never use hot water, as it may damage the material. Therefore, you need to rinse with extremely warm water.

Placing attachments is also easy. They all have a special ring for placing scrotum. With its help, the product is attached to the penis. Only put on the erect penis building part. When first using, should try it out by yourself to learn.

Inside, the attachment needs to be lubricated with talcum powder to avoid peeling the skin of the male organ. Lubricant is applied to the outer surface. The lubricant cannot be applied to the penis or into the product. If not, the device will easily fly out during sex.

The opinion of men and women

Men's and women's opinions about sex with attachments differ. You can find both positive and negative comments. But bad reviews often involve men choosing the wrong product or buying a poor quality product.

When using good quality baits, male representatives noted that sex becomes brighter, intercourse time increases and libido increases. Women point out that using a magnifier maximizes pleasure, especially from attachments with raised surfaces, spikes, blemishes, and facial hair.

What is the largest nozzle?

Oversized penis

Previously, the largest was considered to be a hose 17 cm in length. But recently on the market appeared a product with a length of 26 cm. fasten.

Which size should I choose?

Attachments come in many different sizes, so it will take a man to choose the right length. It is not advisable in this case, as this is a strictly individual decision, depending on the actual parameters of the penis.

Attention! Do not choose too large. Otherwise, the sensitivity of the man's penis is disturbed and the woman may not be able to feel pleasant sensation.


There are no specific contraindications for the use of penis enlargement attachments, but there are some recommendations for their use:

  1. Do not use the product during anal or oral contact.
  2. Do not use the timed structures recommended in the tutorial. If not, there is a risk of pathology of the genital organs.
  3. Do not use the magnifier if you have blood problems.
  4. Tips should be used with caution in patients with heart and blood vessel diseases.

The material used for the manufacture of the nozzle is hypoallergenic. But it is always possible that a person will develop personal intolerance. In this case, the use of the product is prohibited.

The pros and cons of being used during sexual intercourse

The use of attachments to enlarge the penis has positive and negative sides. The pluses include the following:

  • Increases the dimensions of a man's dignity in terms of length and thickness.
  • Certain products can be used as a contraceptive.
  • A wide selection of different models, making it possible to choose the device for maximum richness.
  • Slightly reduces the sensitivity of the reproductive organs, so the time of sex increases.

There are more negative points in outdated models. They greatly reduce the sensitivity of the penis, deformed by movement. Modern product has been improved. They convey a feeling perfectly, do not wear out for a long time.

But there is still one downside. This includes the quality of the tip. If a man wants to buy a quality product that will serve him for many years, he will have to hoard a sizable sum of money.

Thus, penis enlargement tools for men are an effective way to improve the feeling of intimacy. But this requires choosing the best option in terms of size and quality.